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                                                               TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST 

Psychic Mediumship

Spiritual Healing 

Medical Mediumship and Healing

Chakra Reading, Healing, Balancing 

Akashic Records 

Shadow Work

Past Lives 

Ancestral Healing 

Healing Trauma

Intuitive Counselor 

Identifying core blocks and patterns  

Healing and Activation through Light Language 

Activating your gifts within 

A Healer's Healer 

Energy Reader and Healer

Oracle Card Readings

General Readings

Group Readings  

25 min. $65

45 min. $95

60 min. $125



                  Chakra Balancing

Leigh has developed her own unique way of balancing and working with the Chakras. Chakra healing is a form of spiritual healing and mediumship combined.


 A way of balancing and working with the chakras from the inside out. An in depth reading and energy balancing of the chakras. Locating blocked energy rooting from past and present experience. Bringing healing, activation, and balance to the chakras. 


Smudging & Feather Work

Energy clearing with the aide of feathers, sage, palo santo, cedar. Or other plant medicines to assist in cleansing your energy field and chakras. Feather work uses feathers to assist in pulling stuck energies from within and around the body and its auric field. 


                ENERGY ART 


Leigh's art is said to be described as soul activating and insightful. 

She communicates with your and her guides and channels messages through mediumship and draws what she sees.


She is a naturally gifted and self-taught artist. Using her intuition with the assistance of her guides. And has activated her memories through dormant lifetimes as an artist. With her natural ability to see and receive guidance and communication through mediumship. She combines both gifts to create a lasting impression in the form of art.   


-11x 14 Oil Pastel Drawing - $222.00. Shipping included

-Oil Painting on Canvas. $ Price variable depending on size and depth of painting. 


Comes with an Initial consultation prior to. And a channeled message, reading and interpretation thereafter.  Via Zoom recorded. As well channeled script keepsake. 

    Options Include: 

-Soul Signature Portrait

This portrait style includes images of your soul signature blueprints and imprints. May include, but not limited to psychic Impressions of your higher self, past lives and your akashic records. 

-Animal Totem Portrait 


Get to know your animal helpers and how they relate and apply to you and your life.  Our Animal helpers are messengers, guardians and guides. And can help us relate our individual relationship to the nature of the animal. How it relates to self. And how it applies in your life. 

-Mediumship Portrait

Gain insight and communication from loved ones through mediumship in the form of art. May include memories, landscape, animals, people or otherwise communicated impressions.

As well, can be scheduled as general channeled messages from your guides of any subject that your guides want to deliver through this art medium. 



                Sound Healing

                       Coming Soon 

   Massage  Therapy


                                Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

    Graduate of the Whole You School of Massage and Bodywork in 2005. Leigh has developed her own unique style of bodywork. Integrating multiple modalities.  Such as swedish, deep tissue , trigger point therapy, neuromuscular, structural integration and energy work. And is Reiki and Huna 2 attuned. Customizing your experience to your wants and needs. Offering an intuitive touch and holistic approach. Delivering a relaxing yet therapeutic experience for the body mind and spirit.  Helping to facilitate a healing experience ,  not  just a service . Come experience the difference ! 


      30 min $50      45 min. $65      60 min $85      90 min $125     2 hours $155


     Hot Stone Massage  -     Hot stone massage uses the application of heated basalt lava rocks to sooth achy tired muscles. Allowing for deep relaxation of the muscles and trigger points with out deep pressure.  Great for those with Fibromyalgia.  Those who need deep work without deep pressure. Or simply want to receive a deeply

relaxing massage. 

         60 min $ 95     

          90 min. $135     


      Prenatal Massage -  For the expecting mother to be. Relieve tension, discomfort and stress to the body that comes with pregnancy. Must be at least 12 weeks.  And clear of any high risk factors that indicate anything  other than a normal pregnancy.  Must have a physicians prior approval in higher risk pregnancy.

          60 min $85       

          90 min $125



                          Exfoliation Treatments & Add-Ons

                           Spiritual Healing    Chakra Balancing      Readings 

                             Add-On   $               Add-On   $                 Add-On   $


             Clear Consciousness -   Clear your mind with focused work on the head, neck and                     

                        30 min. $45                   upper shoulders                                          

           15 Min. Add-On $20


           Heavenly Hand treatment - Nutrient & mineral rich hand scrub followed with a Hot towel and                                   30 min. $45                        hydrating massage. With focus of the reflexology to the hands                                    15 min. Add-on $20                     and lower arms.                                                                                                                                                                             



          Earthy Roots Foot Treatment -   Nutrient & mineral rich foot scrub followed with a Hot towel                

                     30 min. $45                            and hydrating massage.  With focus of the reflexology of the                               15 min. Add-on $20                           feet and lower legs.





          Balanced Back Treatment -  Nutrient & mineral rich back scrub followed with a Hot towel and                                   30 min.  $45                        hydrating massage to the back

            15 min. Add-on $20                                                         




                   Heaven & Earth 

           Hand & Foot Treatment -    Nutrient & mineral rich scrub on the hands and feet followed with a Hot                     25 min. Add-on   $ 30            towel and hydrating massage.  With focus of the reflexology of the

                                                                              feet and lower legs.



                 Balanced Spirit

       Hand, Foot, & Back Treatment -  Nutrient & mineral rich scrub to the hands, feet and back.

             35 min. Add-on     $ 45                  followed with a hot towel and hydrating massage.     





            Balanced Body Scrub 

             $ 115 1 hour 15 min.

                                North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NCLMBT  #5630 

                                            Massage Therapy services limited to the state of NC ONLY

                                            Serving Greensboro , Asheboro and the Greater Triad Area

                                       Special event and On-Site available upon request - Pricing may vary


Detoxify, exfoliate and hydrate . Choose from a variety of mineral and nutrient rich scrubs 

 infused with essential oils . Enjoy a trip to the shower. Followed by a hydrating massage



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