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        LeighRouser -   Zintkala To Wi -  Bluebird Woman

     Psychic Medium -Seer-Channel -Energy and Card Reader                 Spiritual Healer-Mentor, Teacher, Guide                                           

                          Massage Therapist

                             Energy Artist 


         Leigh Rouser has near 19 years of experience in the healing field.  She bridges the worlds between the realms as a spiritual guide and messenger of spirit. She serves to activate and awaken shifts on a soul level of a depth that creates opportunity for healing and lasting change. 

Assisting in breaking down the human programming. Living life purposely, authentically and as way showers. While inspiring heart lead ways of being. And empowering one into balance and alignment with their truth.

In addition, a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of NC. Graduate of the Whole You School of Massage and Bodywork in 2005. 

As well, she enjoys serving as a medium for missing persons, psychic investigation for unsolved matters, has the gift of psychometry and a remote viewer. 

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