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Gabbie M. 


So grateful to you! Thank you so much for your reading and generosity. You are extremely helpful and powerful. The guidance I received gives me much needed clarity and validation.Thank you for shining and sharing your gifts with the world!

Addie F. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Leigh a few times. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met in the healing industry. I booked a session with her during a really rough time in my life. She was so gentle and compassionate.


During the session she gave me insight regarding past lives, bloodline matters, my spiritual gifts, and things that I can do to heal and change my life. She also cleared my aura as well. She is truly gifted and versatile. I recommend booking a session!

Amanda C.

I recently got a reading with Leigh. She couldn't have been more professional and accurate. She brought so much healing for myself and my family members.  She Helped give me guidance on my newly discovered gifts and how to trust myself. It's just what I needed. Because I am stepping into them later in life. 

I highly recommend Leigh to anyone who needs physical healing, emotional healing of past trauma from previous lives, messages from loved ones. And an all-around wonderful person to talk to. I'm sure she is just as good as a massage therapist as well, since she knows and understands what you need to heal.

God has given her a gift, and I for one will forever be grateful for the information she shared with me. God bless 🙏

Wendy & Brian K. 

My husband and I had a reading my Leigh earlier this year. I have known Leigh since middle school, my husband since high school. While, we have known each other, pretty well, at times throughout the years, our reading was different.  It was special.

She spoke to us on the phone the day before our scheduled reading. The day of, she commented that "your grandmother wants you two to stop fighting". As she went on, she described the woman she was hearing from. It was indescribably my husbands grandmother. It was amazing. We spent an hour with Leigh, as she channeled other special people in our lives. It was amazing!

There were things she was telling us, people who have passed she was hearing from and communicating things with us that she would NOT / could NOT have known. We were stunned and amazed. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. One we will never forget. One I personally look forward to happening again.

I think Leigh is an honorable, genuine, and caring person. We are blessed to have reconnected with her. 

 Estefania A

I had the pleasure of working with Leigh from 2021and she's amazing every time. I've gotten healing sessions and readings, and each session is a life changing experience. The amount of clarity, guidance, healing and love that comes through her are defiantly from a divine source. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with such a beautiful Insightful, and kind human. If you're looking for a real change in your life, she'll help you get there. 

Liz Percoco Gardini

I met Leigh at a Psychic Fair in April 2021, 1 month after my boyfriend had passed away. She instantly pulled him through and knew so many details about him and how he passed. I cried the whole 30 minutes as she held my hand. I felt that if he was there with me.


That day was a blessing and helped me understand that he was in a better place, pain free, and was at my side always. A year later, I happened to see a FB post by Leigh and contacted her again. Once again, she brought my boyfriend through and was spot on with him. She is truly an empath and has a gift. I have seen many mediums and Leigh is one of the best!

Kimberly K.

Wow, your spot on! Thank you for blessings us with this. You truly have a wonderful gift!

Yvette C.

Thank you so much for taking your time, energy and reading. Everything said is indeed insightful and informative.  I really appreciate it. Love & Light

Boipelo P. 

Thank you so much for taking your time and energy and time to look into my situation.  What you said defiantly resonated with me. Thank you so much, you were so accurate. Many Blessings to you!

Queen Dear

Hi my name is Queen Dear. Yes, Queen L is the truth. Let me tell you something. Queen L's reading with me was out of this world. All the other readers I have gone to were not on point like she was. I have spent so much money on psychics. They told me what I wanted to hear.  Queen L kept it 100% real with me. She spoke to my Ancestors that had passed over. They love her. She told me my relationship would work out and to have patience with this person. I know in my heart we are Soul Sisters.  

   The Information and everything given was accurate. Also , she is helping me to open my gifts that I need to use more often. And to learn to protect my energy.  She also cleaned generational and ancestral energy  And I can feel the change.  Queen L is an amazing person. I never leave reviews, but she is the Sh8t. For real FACTS.  I love Queen L. 


   P.S. Don't think about it, Just click the button and have your reading. Because I tell you, She is the Truth.  Call her. Your mind is going to be blown away.  She will read you before you try to even say anything. 


Alicia Anne Stinglen

Leigh Rouser did a reading for me today. Everything she said resonated with me so much. She was so spot on that I literally got chills and goosebumps. She mentioned details of my life that were so true. She also gave me so much clarity that I have been looking for desperately. I highly recommend her! She is truly amazing!

Lizette Van As

Leigh you changed my life with your advice and positive words. You connect with my loved ones I was always wondering about. Now I feel at peace. Thanks for the big girl talk I really needed it. You felt like a friend that I was looking for. You are one awesome person. Thank you soooo much for everything. Best of luck and Love for you. ❤❤❤

Patricia McLaughlin Lynch  

Leigh’s deep tissue massage is nothing short of amazing, because she will work out all of your trigger points! I always feel better when I leave an appointment with Leigh. It’s truly a relaxing experience. I promise you won’t regret it, so sign up today and relieve your stress!!


MaCray Huff 

I have had the pleasure of being massaged and readings by Leigh and they have really made my whole being better! From the first time I felt as tho she was a long time friend! Always spot on!!! I would recommend definitely booking with her TODAY! Thank you Leigh!!!

Brian Alexander Stockton

Met Leigh 5 years ago and to this day she gives the best massages! I highly recommend her she has a very special gift! Just go see for yourself 😉

Dawn Vander Goef
Leigh Rouser is by far the most Empathic and lovely humor I have had the pleasure to work on me. She help me through some very difficult times in my life, including the death of my father, My autoimmune issues and with her massage she helped me greatly from pain in my back with an old spinal fusion.

Leigh has a naturally intuitive touch and spends extra time addressing your needs. I very highly recommend her!!!”

Phoenix Rising

Beyond intuitive & precise 💫🤍


Aurora Dowdy

Wowzers! What a beautiful, deep, sacred experience!! This was the most accurate reading I have ever received without saying much. She is so talented, and poses a sacred gift. My mind is blown! I feel so blessed for the connection! Thank you 😇


Kelly Setliff

Very intuitive spirit. Shes def seen things in advance.

Sha'Retha Davis

So a month or so ago my friend tells me that her friend will be joining us in the sauna. I'm like cool. As soon as Leigh Rouser got there, she started going in (yes we all know that my energy is strong) Lol I was thinking "really, I just want to relax", and "damn I'm not ready for this"!!!

Fast forward to current times which we all know are super uncertain. This same friend kept pushing me to talk to Leigh Rouser and I'm so so so grateful that I did. This woman has a gift beyond words. She literally can see inside your soul!!

I too was, and still am sketchy of psychics and those who claim to be but let me tell you that Leigh is the real thing!! She is definitely going to take you on a ride and uncover some things that you thought you dealt with or didn't even know were there. And the best part, she'll work with you on payment. She just wants to help people with her amazing gift. What a blessing!! With that being said thank you Maya Gilliam for your persistence and thank you @leigh for your amazing heart and spirit 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍😍😍

#CallHer #MissItAndMissOut #TrueMediums #ShesLegit


Victoria R Miner

Very intuitive made me feel very comfortable and made me think about things that I haven't thought about in a long time and at the same time she's spot on. I definitely would recommend her. She's here to definitely help people and she's very caring and goes that extra mile just to make sure you understand and make sure you feel better. I give her a five star.


Zelda Orr‎

My session with Leigh was a life changing experience. The awarenesses I came away with lead me down a path of healing that I wouldn't have otherwise taken. The levels of self discovery have been and continue to be amazing!

Leigh is a gifted, truly heart-centered lightworker who generously uses her many gifts and talents to help others. She is dedicated, patient and thorough bringing forward information from the past, present and future. So grateful for the work we did together!


Marcine Quenzer‎

 I met Leigh but really got to know her, while I was working with Art Aday. So she is a recent friend, made while working professionally on artistic endeavors unrelated to spiritual paths and then I got to work with her on some clearing work.

She pulled up a healing done 30 years ago.. which it turns out was INCOMPLETE.. and she was able to clear that... I am still amazed at her level of work.. just amazed.

If you are blocked, and desire moving up in vibration, I can warmly and strongly suggest working with Leigh. She is incredible..

Many newbies are waking up. And you have a lot of work to do. We are here to clear our family lines as well as our own personal timelines back to the beginning of time. Raising your vibration does not work efficiently when you still have layers of false belief systems or negative Karma operating in your Auric field and chakras. These must be cleared. and Leigh is an Master Healer in this area.

Katharina G

The moment you walk in to Renew you are greeted by the wonderful staff and catered to instantly. I have been looking for a place to call home for my Microdermabrasion and Swedish Massage journey and I can proudly say that I have found one. The shop is warm and inviting..knowledgeable staff. Word to the wise - they are IN DEMAND. Do not be surprised if they are booking a month or more in advance.

My husband and I have had the privilege of working with Leigh Rouser. She is very professional, timely and knows exactly what she is doing. I have been to a lot of salons locally, nation wide and internationally. Her experience, skills and personality is definitely top notch. We will definitely be regular customers

Kristen T

Leigh is amazing! My first appointment with her was in December. I had hurt my back and a muscle was in spasm. Leigh listened to what I wanted and the desired pressure. Once I awoke from my blissful haze, my back was 100% better. Went to my 2nd appointment yesterday because I want to establish a good self care routine. Leigh is very intuitive and her energy transfers through her fingers. I slept the best I've slept in weeks last night! !She's just the best!


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